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Simon Krajnyak grew up on the Lincolnshire coast in Mablethorpe, a small town famous for hosting beach racing, which continues to this day. Aged 7, leaning on the handlebars of his twinshock Puch, Simon decided that bikes were going to be his thing. If that wasn’t enough motivation, a few miles down the road was the HQ of the Honda WSBK team, back when the RC30 and 45s were the weapon of choice. Aaron Slight, Colin Edwards and Carl Fogarty with ice creams in hand used to watch the sand racing from the promenade, further fuelling Simon’s passion for two-wheels. A 125 wasn’t going to cut it so he saved for 10 months straight, a tall order working for £104 a week as an apprentice for British Gas, and bought a nearly new RGV250.

A few months later and a 17th birthday afforded legal riding of the stroker, which was curtailed two days later by a trip to A&E and the Suzuki arriving home in pieces. Undeterred, a lifetime of sports bikes followed but as is often the case with age, the realisation of mortality sets in. Having seen an XV750 on the American T.V. series Return of The Cafe Racers built by Docs Chops, Simon’s mind was once again made up and he turned the custom corner.